Who we are

We are Alberto, Francesco and Rocco, 3 Italian guys coming from different lands, who shared the same study path.
In 2022 we launched HEDONISTA, with the intent to maintain alive a link with our roots and to share the values that we believe in.
Our commitment is to create formulations with the tastes and smells that we grew up with, which have been for ages treasured in the Mediterranean tradition.
Our dream is to find wellbeing in taking care of ourselves.

Our vision

HEDONISTA creates products for men skin, with the goal to enhance man in the classic shape and form.

We are inspired by the Greek divinity of extraordinary beauty Hedone, daughter of Eros and Psyche, the oldest incarnation of pleasure.

Our ideal is to help to appreciate oneself, to feel good with ourselves, without trying to show off. We want to build an inclusive community proud to stand by these ideals.

Our headquarters in Torino, Italy

First capital of Italy, the city comes with rich history, art, squares, food and is one of the most entrepreneurial centers of Italy.

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