Moisturizing Cream


Hydrates, soothes and protects skin leaving no grease

Face moisturizing cream rich in natural active ingredients including organic olive oil and shea butter with extraordinary antioxidant and nourishing properties to keep the skin moisturized and firm in combination with provitamin B5.

BIO SHEA BUTTER: It has emollient, moisturizing and regenerating properties for the skin barrier; gives the skin firmness and elasticity and has an antioxidant action thanks to vitamin E.

ORGANIC ITALIAN OLIVE OIL: Deeply nourishes the skin, performing a protective and anti-wrinkle function. It has antioxidant properties, protects against the harmful action of free radicals and prevents the effects of aging. Tolerated even by the most sensitive skin.

ITALIAN MALVA EXTRACT: Thanks to the high content of mucilage, it has a moisturizing, soothing and anti-reddening action for the skin.

BiOl-C: Bioliquefied from the vegetation waters of OLIVA CORATINA (Puglia). BiOl-C is particularly rich in phenolic compounds and boasts antioxidant and dermoprotective properties. Effectiveness tested at the Department of Industrial Chemistry of Bologna.

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