Why Ingredients Matter in Your Daily Moisturizer

Ever wondered what it takes to have a beautiful, healthy skin that makes you feel confident and look as youthful as ever? How it would feel to finally wake up one morning without your skin feeling very dry? Well, we know the feeling, which is why we have created a line of skincare products filled with simple but premium ingredients that will nourish your skin from the moment you wake up to the moment you lay in bed.

If you’re looking for your next skincare product, it’s always important to understand your skin type (is it dry? Or rather oily?) first and how you want to improve your skin with a specific moisturizer, cleanser or toner. Whether you’ve tried many products before, or you’re looking for your very first moisturizer and just need some inspiration, you’re in the right place. Our brand new line of skincare products is formulated with ingredients that will nourish your skin, protect it and make it look the most youthful as ever.

Hedonista’s Moisturizer contains simple, effective and premium elements that come straight from the Mediterranean and help with the following (and not only):

Reduced Inflammation and skin redness

Facial redness is a rather common condition in fairer skin and it can often be triggered by weather conditions, pollution, stress and hormonal changes. Finding the product that works for your skin type can take a long time, which is why we want you to start looking more for the ingredients that the products contain, rather than the brands that you think might kind of work for you. Our moisturizer contains Malva Extract, has a moisturizing, emollient and anti-reddening action for the skin that helps to reduce the overall inflammation. For instance, if you have experienced bruises, sunburn, or rashes on your skin, malva extract can be very effective for reducing inflammation and swelling, while also stimulating more rapid healing.


As you probably already know, hydration is essential to keep your skin looking smooth, radiant and healthy. If you tend to drink a lot of water every day, you’re certainly off to a good start. But there’s a lot more that you could be doing, from using gentle soaps to picking a moisturizer with essential hydrating ingredients. Hedonista’s moisturizer is formulated with Organic Olive Oil, which contributes to healthier-looking skin and helps to regulate its natural hydration system. Thanks to the presence of vitamin E and antioxidants, organic olive oil also protects the skin from harmful damage and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Promotes strong antioxidant activity

A key ingredient in our moisturizer is Shea Butter, a plant lipid that comes from African shea tree nuts and is rich in fatty acids and antioxidant, including vitamin A and E. These fatty acids allow it to deeply penetrate the skin and help to keep your skin feel soft and hydrated. Because it also produces collagen and promotes new cell generation, Shea Butter can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using Shea Butter on a regular basis will help you glow from the inside out and make you look younger! 

With the raising number of skincare lines it is become more important than ever to understand the quality and origin of the ingredients of the products that you’re buying. With this article, we hope that we have inspired you to spend a bit more time thinking of how the ingredients in your choice of moisturizer or cleanser will benefits your skin type. At Hedonista, we don’t only want you to look young and radiant, but we want you to also feel the most confident you have ever been.

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